USTA Age Restructuring and its Effect on USTA Atlanta Leagues

With the new age restructuring taking place, players will now have even more opportunities for league play. USTA Atlanta is very hopeful that the age restructure will help grow some of our smaller leagues that have struggled to pull enough teams together to form a full league season. Without a doubt, this age restructure supports USTA Atlanta’s mission which is "To promote and develop the growth of tennis in Atlanta".
To help better understand how these changes will affect USTA Atlanta league play, we have created a document which will illustrate these changes.
Click here to view the PDF document.
Adult League (18 ) will now be called Adult 18 and Over (2 Singles, 3 Doubles - $19 League Fee)
Senior League (50 ) will now be called Adult 40 and Over (1 Singles, 4 Doubles for Weekday Women and Men , 1 Singles, 2 Doubles for Business Women -  $14 League Fee)
Super Senior League (60 ) will now be called Adult 55 and Over (3 Doubles)
Super Senior League (70 ) will now be called Adult 65 and Over (3 Doubles)
Adult Mixed Doubles (18 ) will now be called Mixed 18 and Over (3 Doubles)
Senior Mixed Doubles (50 ) will now be called Mixed 40 and Over (3 Doubles)
Adult Combo Doubles (18 ) will now be called Combo Doubles 18 and Over (3 Doubles)
*Please note: the only age requirement for each of these leagues is that you are at least the age listed in the title of the league (for example, if you are 40 years old, you can play in the 40 and Over league and the 18 and Over league).*
We hope that you are all as excited about this change as we are and will continue to support USTA Atlanta league play!
Maegan Kulich
Director of Adult Leagues, USTA Atlanta


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