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All Players Rating List (includes most current player rating) -  Player ratings for the fall/winter season (September 2015 to December 2015).


USTA Georgia August Ratings Search - Link to USTA Georgia's website where all players within the state may search for their August rating.


What is an Early Start League? - Provides an overview of what it means to run an early start league.


Early Start League FAQ - Frequently asked quesions regarding early start leagues.


USTA Atlanta Low Level Eligibility Lists

Any player registering to play on a low level team must first confirm their eligibility prior to registering for the team.


Players will not receive a refund if they register for a team in which they are not eligible to play. TennisLink does not prevent illegal players from registering to low level teams.


USTA Atlanta does weekly checks for player eligbility prior to the season starting and after the season begins; however, it is ultimately the player's and captain's responsibility to ensure eligibility prior to registering to a low level team.

Eligible players who have played 3 or more matches since March 11, 2015 will be on the low eligibility lists. If you played less than 3 matches since March 11, 2015, please email Marita Edrosa ( with your name and USTA number to confirm low level eligibility.




3.5 Low Eligibility List

4.0 Low Eligibility List



3.5 Low Eligibility List

4.0 Low Eligibility List

4.5 Low Eligibility List


If you are a new USTA player and do not have a rating, you will need to complete the self-rate questionaire prior to registering for a team. You may find information on self-rating and view the Experienced Player Guidlelines here.


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