LEAGUE YEAR 2008  (June 2007 – May 2008)


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Please see the Rules Home Page for links to National, Sectional and State Regulations.

USTA Atlanta is a non-profit organization whose mission is the growth and development of tennis in the Atlanta area.   We utilize the programs of the United States Tennis Association (USTA), USTA Southern, USTA Georgia and our own local programs to carry out this mission. We offer teams the opportunity to advance to the State, Sectional and National Championships.

All players participating in the USTA League Program, as a condition of their participation, agree to abide and be bound by the USTA Constitution, By-Laws and Standing Orders; the National, Sectional District and Local USTA League Regulations and the standards of good conduct, fair play and good sportsmanship.  

The USTA National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) is the official system to determine computer ratings for players who participate in the USTA League Program.

TennisLink is the official system for registering teams, reporting scores and providing standings.

Local League Coordinator (LLC) is the person who implements and administers all USA League Programs.



A. Teams must have a minimum of EIGHT (8) eligible players [FIVE (5) for 2.5 and 5.0 levels].
B. Teams must play within the geographic boundaries of USTA Atlanta.
C. Teams must play at the level of the highest rated player on the team.


A. All players must use their current NTRP rating when registering.  If they do not have one, they may self-rate using the national NTRP guidelines.  Failure to provide accurate information will subject the player and/or the captain to sanctions and disqualifications.

Comment:  A self-rate eligibility grievance may be filed against a player and/or captain who commits or condones entering at one level when their actual skill level is at the top of the next NTRP level or higher.  See Section IX.

B. Players must play at or above their NTRP rating. Once a computer rating has been generated, it will remain valid for 3 years for players under age 60.  A computer rating will remain valid for 2 years for players age 60 and over. 

C. A player may play on more than one team in the same season provided they are:
a. At a different level if playing in the same league
b. At the same level in a different league. 
c. At a different level if playing in a different league

D. All players shall have reached the age of nineteen (19) years prior to or during the calendar year in which such player participates in their first local league match.

E. All players must be paid members of the USTA through the respective season of play including play-offs.

F. Eligible players may be added to a roster prior to the start of the team match.  In the event of matches rescheduled due to inclement weather, a player can be added prior to their participation in a match.  Exception:  See G below. 

G. Players may be added to a roster until midnight the day before the last scheduled match of the regular (round robin) season.


1) It is the captain's responsibility to have each team member thoroughly read and understand current National, Sectional, State and Local USTA League Regulations prior to the start of league competition.  (See Page 6 to locate all additional rules and regulations.)

2) Captains must have a current email address in order to receive league information throughout the season.

A. Any player may play any position at any time. Any eligible player may participate at any time during the season, including any and all playoffs.  Players do not need to play twice during the regular season to be eligible for playoffs or City Championships.

B. To generate a computer rating, a player must have played twice during the entire league year. Forfeits do not count toward computer ratings.

C. If during the match it is discovered that a player(s) is on the wrong court in an individual match during the first set, then the players are to go to the correct courts and begin the matches over.  If the discovery occurs after the first set is completed, the matches will be completed as started and count as matches played in good faith.


A. The home team captain should contact the visiting team captain three days prior to a scheduled match to provide information and make arrangements for the match.  If the captain listed on the schedule will not be present at the match, they should notify the opposing captain as to who will be acting in their stead, and give the opposing captain the phone number of that person. (We do not allow a team to rotate captains on a weekly basis).

B. The captains may agree on the order of play.  However, if no prior agreement is made, the order of play will be #1 singles and #1 doubles at the scheduled start time, #2 singles and #2 doubles must be present one hour later, #3 doubles must be present two hours after the scheduled start of the match. (For levels playing 1 singles and 2 doublesl; #1 singles and #1 doubles, at the scheduled start time and #2 doubles must be present one hour later.)

Comment:  When heat is a factor, captains are encouraged to revise the order of play to allow singles matches to be played in the cooler part of the day.

C. It is acceptable to use more than two courts at a time, provided both captains agree.  Once agreement has been made, all participants must be present at match time, or forfeit.  Forfeits may not be called if additional courts become available and their use was not agreed upon beforehand. 
D. With the agreement of BOTH captains, and with the certainty of court availability:
i) The team match or individual match may be changed to an earlier or later start time on the same scheduled day.
ii) The team match or individual match may be changed to an earlier day and time during the regular season schedule.

Team matches shall not be played after the scheduled day for the league involved.

For any changes in a team or individual match start time/day to be official, BOTH captains must notify their Level Representative via email and send a copy to the opposing captain prior to the match. 
E. If a team knowingly begins a team match without a full complement of players for the lineup (e.g. six players rather than eight) they must forfeit from the bottom.  For example, a team with six players could either forfeit #3 doubles or both singles. 

F. Any team involved in a USTA League State, Sectional or National match, regardless of the league, may request from their opponent consideration in prescheduling their USTA Atlanta (USTA League) matches prior to the scheduled day of the match. A team with this concern must notify the affected opponents at least two weeks prior to the scheduled match to reschedule individual matches. We expect opposing teams to cooperate fully in these circumstances.


A. In order to start the team match, complete written lineups must be simultaneously exchanged.  If the captain will not be there at start time they should send the lineup with a player who is playing in the first time slot.  The start of the team match may be delayed until written lineups are exchanged.

Comment:  If Team A will not provide a written lineup within the default time, Team B may claim a default of the positions that were to start first.  The remaining positions may play at the next scheduled time(s) provided a written lineup has now been exchanged.

B. The default time is 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of each individual match.  No default may be claimed if a court has not become available.  If players agree to play the match after the default time, the match result stands.  No default may be claimed after the fact.
Comment:  This means all players must be on the court, not merely at the facility preparing food, going to the bathroom, stretching, etc, no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time.  Courtesy requires a prompt start time and a brief warm-up.   League rules support a default of the individual match if players are not on court.
Once the teams exchange lineups no movement of players is allowed.  WITH THE EXCEPTION OF MATCHES RESCHEDULED BY INCLEMENT WEATHER, NEVER MOVE PLAYERS ALREADY LISTED ON THE LINEUP TO ANOTHER POSITION.  (See Rules 5 C for exceptions and D regarding player substitutions).  Points may be reversed for violation of this rule.

Comment:  Written lineups have been exchanged.  One player from the line 2 doubles is over 15 minutes late and the court is available.  Line 2 doubles has defaulted.  All other matches are to be played as originally listed on the lineup.

C. Two players will play together in the higher position when both of their partners do not show in order to avoid two defaults.

D. A substitute is defined as a player not listed on the original lineup.  A substitute can be used only:
1. If a player or players listed on the original lineup do not arrive within the 15-minute default time
2. If a player is injured or becomes ill prior to the start of the individual match. 
3. If a match is rescheduled by inclement weather.
Comment: A substitute cannot be used if a player originally listed on the line up arrives at the match and decides they no longer wish to play or no longer has time to play.


A. Captains should print a scorecard from TennisLink before each match to use for lineup exchange.  All eligible players will be listed at the bottom of each scorecard; therefore, if you have additions, printing the scorecards before each match will avoid confusion with the opposing team.

B. Scores must be entered within 24 hours of the completion of a match by either captain.  Score confirmation or score disputes must be made within 48 hours of score entry.  Scores for the last match of the season must be entered within 4 hours in order to confirm winners and develop playoff draws.

C. Captains should keep a hard copy of each of their scorecards.



A. Each team match shall consist of five individual matches: two singles and three doubles matches. (For the 2.5 and 5.0 levels each team match shall consist of three individual matches: one singles and two doubles matches.)

B. The team winning the majority of individual matches shall be awarded one point.  TennisLink stats and standings will determine division winners.

C. Each division of an NTRP level shall play a round robin format in which each team will play every other team a minimum of one time.

D. Defaults (forfeits) and disqualifications shall be scored according to USTA League Regulations.

A. The warm-up must be accomplished in a maximum of ten minutes, including serves.  Do not practice return of serve during warm-up.

B. Matches will be best 2 out of 3 complete sets.  In case of split sets a 10-minute rest period is permitted. The 3rd set must then be played to completion.

C. Coaching will be permitted only during the 10-minute rest period between the 2nd and 3rd sets.

Comment:  Coaching is considered to be communication, advice, or any instruction that is audible or visible to a player.  Communication between spectators and players should be in a language understood by all players present, or it may be considered coaching.

D. In each match, both teams will provide a new can of USTA approved balls. The home team will open the balls and the winner receives the unopened can.

E. Cell phones, pagers etc. should be turned off. 

Comment:  If a phone on your court rings once, request that the phone be turned off and replay the point. If the phone rings again you may claim the point in the game based on a deliberate hindrance.



A. Each team must guarantee the use of at least two playable courts (same surface, same location) as home courts. 
B. Any player may deem a court unsafe for play. 
C. Courts with lights are not required for daytime leagues. 

Comment:  As a courtesy to your opponents, you should advise them in advance if using clay courts.

2) The home team must pay required court and/or guest fees for visiting team players.  This includes indoor fees.  In case of a make-up match or rain on the scheduled play day, visitors may share the cost, provided it is discussed and agreed to before the visitors arrive.

3) If the home team cannot provide two courts at the home team facility, the visiting team has the first option of supplying courts for the match.  If the visiting team is unable to provide courts, the responsibility reverts to the home team and must be within a reasonable distance (a few miles).  This includes all playoff matches.

Comment:  If the home team has clay courts and knows 24 hours in advance that the courts are unplayable (frozen, waterlogged, etc), the team should offer the visiting team home court advantage.

4) All matches must be played to completion without interruption.  There is no provision for a facility that places a time limit on courts.  A visiting team is not required to move to different courts or interrupt play to resume later.  If this occurs, the visiting team has the option to:

A. continue play at their home courts or
B. declare a default against the home team and win the match.

5) In the summer men’s league, regularly scheduled individual matches not begun by 9:00 PM may be rescheduled using the inclement weather guidelines.

6) If the lights go out during an evening match and cannot be re-lit in a reasonable amount of time (10 minutes), the match can be rescheduled using the makeup deadlines on Page 7.

See Page 7 for Makeup Default Times

1) Inclement weather is defined as precipitation or severe weather (temperatures below 30 degrees or above 95 degrees) as determined by the Weather Channel.  Wind chill and heat index are not a factor in determining temperature.

2) A one-hour delay from the agreed upon start time for the team match is to be observed at all times in order for weather conditions to improve.  This includes make up matches.  If within one hour conditions improve or the temperature rises to at least 30 degrees or falls to 95 degrees or below, the match is to begin and all positions are to play. 

Comment:  Captains should stay in contact via the telephone during inclement weather.  There is no requirement for the visiting team to drive to wet courts in order to cancel the team match.

3) If the start of a team match is cancelled due to inclement weather any forfeits awarded in advance may now be played. 

4) In the event inclement weather occurs after the team match has begun, a one-hour wait to resume play is to be observed.  If play cannot be continued:
A. Completed individual matches stand as played.   
B. Points awarded for forfeits given at the time the original written lineup was exchanged are considered completed matches. All players listed on the lineup who are involved in forfeits cannot participate in a re-scheduled match.
C. Individual matches in progress (see exceptions in 5) must be made up and resumed by the same players at the exact set, game and point that existed when play was halted. 
D. Any player who is not involved in a previously started match or forfeit can participate in any matches that have not yet begun.

5) In the event the temperature falls below 30 degrees or rises above 95 degrees after the team match has begun, individual matches in progress must continue play to completion.  Any individual matches that have not started may be delayed for one hour waiting for conditions to improve. If conditions do not improve within one hour, those matches may be rescheduled.

6) For matches delayed or rescheduled to play during darkness, the home team facility must have lights.  (If the home team cannot provide courts with lights, see Section IV, Rule 3.)

7) In case of inclement weather for team or individual matches whose start time or day had been officially rescheduled (as per Sect. II, 4, D) use the makeup default time located on Page 7. 
The exception to this rule is the final match of the season which must then be played at the regularly scheduled date and time.

Comment:  If the captains failed to officially reschedule their team match with their Level Representative and the (unofficial) match is cancelled due to inclement weather, the make-up default time becomes the originally scheduled day and time for the team match.

8) Arrangements for make-up matches must be agreed upon within 48 hours of the original match start time, or assumed rescheduled for the makeup default time.

9) Once a time, day and location for the makeup match has been agreed upon by the parties involved, that match MAY NOT BE CANCELLED, for any reason other than inclement weather. 


1) All teams placed first and second in their sub-flight will advance to playoffs.  Some third place teams may also be used to fill the draws.  Flights with only one sub-flight may have four teams advance to the playoffs.

2) The division winner shall be the team having won the most team matches in its division competition.  In the event of a tie for division winner and/or second and third place positions, the tie shall be broken by the first of the following methods. 
a. Winner of the most individual matches.
b. Loser of the fewest sets
c. Loser of the fewest games
d. Head-to-head winner

3) Playoff draws will be seeded.

4) All playoff matches should be played to completion to generate accurate individual ratings.

5)    In order for a player to be eligible to progress to State Championships, that player must have played twice during the entire season the team qualified; i.e. from the first match through the final match of the City Championships.  Receiving a forfeit can only be counted as one of the matches played.

6) One State Championship berth will be awarded per 64 teams in any level, except for men’s 4.5. They are awarded one berth per every 16 teams.

7) Vacancies created in the State Championship due to a repeat winner at the City Championship, or a wild card, shall be filled using the next best championship team as determined by percentage of wins during both local league playoff seasons.


1) If a team forfeits an entire team match or forfeits a number of matches greater than or equal to the number of scheduled matches in a season, the team may be removed from competition immediately.  If removed, then all matches that team has played, or matches to be played shall be null and void.  If all teams in contention for the playoffs have already played the forfeiting team in good faith, the matches stand as played.  The forfeiting team may be placed on probationary watch or not permitted to play as a team the following season

2) Any team found playing an ineligible player may immediately be disqualified from league play for at least the remainder of the league year.  A grievance may be filed against the ineligible player and/or team.

3) All players must use their most current published rating at the time of registration on a team.  All computer ratings are administered by USTA Georgia.

4) Once a player is registered on a specific roster they may play at that level throughout all USTA state, sectional and national championships even if their rating increases prior to the championships unless the person has a dynamic or self-rating disqualification.

5) Any player who has been dynamically disqualified, or whose published rating is above the disqualification level, is no longer protected through the championships and must immediately cease participation at that level. 

6) Any self-rated player who is dynamically disqualified from a level of play, will have all matches at that level considered losses and scored 6-0, 6-0.  If a computer rated player is dynamically disqualified for that particular level in local round robin play, the player is immediately promoted from that level but no   matches will be reversed.

7) A disqualified player may join a team at their new level following TennisLink procedures.  No refund will be given to a disqualified player.

8) USTA Atlanta will publish early start league ratings prior to each season. For further information see Captain’s Corner on

9) When new ratings are published players can appeal by submitting an appeal form located at  All ratings appeals are handled by the Director of Leagues for USTA Georgia.


1) All complaints alleging a violation of USTA League   Regulations or standards of good   conduct, fair play, and good sportsmanship shall be filed in writing with the chairman of the USTA Atlanta Grievance Committee.

2) Grievances must be filed by a team captain prior to the next team match during the local league season and within twenty-four hours after the last regular match or playoff match.

3) Send to: USTA Atlanta Grievance Committee
               1200 Ashwood Parkway
          Suite 500
           Atlanta, GA  30338
4) The requirement that a grievance be in writing is satisfied if it is sent by fax (770-416-1250) or email (

5) A copy of each complaint shall be sent to the party(ies) against whom the complaint has been made by the USTA Atlanta office.

6) The USTA Atlanta Grievance Committee members are Wanda Loggins (chair), Maureen Gold, Cricket Schultze and Mark Pottorff.

7) The USTA Atlanta Grievance Appeals Committee members are Bryan Dilworth, Lisa Barry, and Katie Chumbley.

For full Grievance Procedures refer to Section 2.0 of the USTA League 2008 Regulations.

1) A complaint may be filed by a captain or Local  League Coordinator against a player and/or captain who commits or condones entering at one level when their actual skill level is at the top of the next NTRP level or higher. 

2) The party(ies) that files the Self-Rate Eligibility grievance must provide documentation to support their complaint at the time of their filing.

3) The USTA Southern Section Self-Rate Eligibility Grievance Committee will have jurisdiction, augmented as necessary by experts in NTRP ratings, and may ask the alleged violator to complete a USTA Player Background History sheet and submit it to the committee for review. After review, and in consultation with the NTRP experts who have augmented the committee, they will take action, as they deem appropriate.

4) This action may include disqualification, suspension from league play or other league sanctions.

5) Send Self-Rate Eligibility Grievances to for forwarding to USTA Southern Section Grievance Committee.  USTA Atlanta serves only as a pass through entity to the Southern Section.

6) A Self-Rate Eligibility Grievance can be filed at any time.  Self-Rate Eligibility Grievances filed within 24 hours of the last regular season match and prior to the start date of the player’s and/or captain’s local league playoffs be administered after the event unless the  section authorizes the administration of the grievance prior to that time. If the grievance is not administered until after the event, points won by players will stand. Disqualified players and/or captains that are suspended will not be eligible to advance to the next level of championship play.

USTA League
USTA Atlanta Winter Adult League


Weekday Women

Start Time      Thursday      9:30 AM
Makeup Default Time*     Wednesday   9:30 AM

If inclement weather occurs on the makeup default day (Wednesday), the new default time moves to the following Friday at 9:00 AM and continues weekday-to-weekday at 9:00 AM until weather permits the match to be played.

The makeup default time should be used in the event matches have not been completed prior to the makeup default time. The order of play for the makeup default time shall be the same as a regularly scheduled match unless a prior agreement has been made.

*Exception: If inclement weather occurs on the last match of the regular season, the makeup default time is Friday at 9:00 AM and continues weekday-to-weekday at 9:00 AM until weather permits the match to be played.

Business Women

Start Time    Saturday   1:00 PM
Makeup Default Time*     Saturday   6:00 PM

If inclement weather occurs on the makeup default day (Saturday), the new default time moves to the following Monday evening at 7:00 PM and continues day-to-day at 7:00 PM until weather permits the match to be played.

The makeup default time should be used in the event matches have not been completed prior to the makeup default time. The order of play for the makeup default time shall be the same as a regularly scheduled match unless a prior agreement has been made.

*Exception:  If inclement weather occurs on the last match of the regular season, the makeup default time is Tuesday at 7:00 PM and continues day-to-day at 7:00 PM until weather permits the match to be played.


Start Time    Saturday   9:00 AM
Makeup Default Time*     Saturday   6:00 PM

If inclement weather occurs on the makeup default day (Saturday), the new deadline moves to the next Monday evening at 7:00 PM and continues day-to-day at 7:00 PM until weather permits the match to be played.

The makeup default time should be used in the event matches have not been completed prior to the makeup default time. The order of play for the makeup default time shall be the same as a regularly scheduled match unless a prior agreement has been made.

*Exception:  If inclement weather occurs on the last match of the regular season, the makeup default time is Tuesday at 7:00 PM and continues day-to-day at 7:00 PM until weather permits the match to be played.




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