USTA Atlanta Combo Doubles Tournament

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Sunday, August 12, 2018

 Dekalb Tennis Center & Sandy Springs Tennis Center

Registration Info Sheet


Another Opportunity for the GA State Tournament!

Space is limited and is offered on a first come, first serve basis. If your team wants to participate, please create your team and add your minimums ASAP to secure your spot!


The Women's 6.5, 7.5 & 8.5 levels are closed. Please email cclayton@ustaatlanta.com or maegan@ustaatlanta.com to be put on the waitlist.


Summary of the Combo Doubles Tournament

The tournament, which will be held at Dekalb Tennis Center & Sandy Springs Tennis Center, will be in a team format. Combined division levels offered will be 6.5, 7.5, 8.5 and 9.5 in both the men's and women's leagues. The registration fee for each player will be $29.00. Each team will be guaranteed anywhere from 3 to 5 team matches; with the winning teams advancing to playoffs if needed (this may be adjusted after we see the number of teams that have registered). The full tournament will be held on Saturday, August 11 but we will use Sunday, August 12 for a rain makeup date or to complete any playoff matches needed. All teams should plan to be available on both days.


What will be provided to teams during the tournament?

  • 3 - 5 team matches per team
  • Court fees will be included
  • Tennis balls for each individual match are included
  • Morning snack and lunch
  • Player and Captain gifts
  • Awards for the champion and finalist team in each division level
  • A chance to win a spot to compete at the state tournament 
  • A Saturday of entertainment while competing before the fall league season!


Click here for full details on registration dates and tournament format!

  • NTRP Ratings Not Affected: Individual NTRP ratings will not be affected by results of team matches. Players enter with their current NTRP rating. New players are allowed to self-rate.
  • Advance to the 2018 GA State Championships: Champions in each division level will be invited to attend the Combo Doubles Tournament in October/November 2018. 
  • Form a Team with Friends, Family, and Co-workers: Even if your team has different individual NTRP ratings, it doesn’t matter! Players of different ratings can play with each other, as long as a pair’s rating is within one point from another (with the exception of the 8.5 and 9.5 levels-see box below). For example, a 3.5 player can play with a 4.0 player in the 7.5 division.
  • What’s Your Goal?: Are you looking for some competitive play for your current team after your summer season (USTA and non-USTA leagues) and before fall USTA? Do you want to have some challenging fun with a new team? Want another shot at making it to the 2018 State Championships? Whatever your reason is, make it happen!


Combo Doubles Level Pairings


Level Player Level
Individual Rating
Cannot Exceed
5.0 2.5 with a 2.5
2.0 with a 2.5
5.5 3.0 with a 2.5
3.0 with a 2.0
6.5 3.5 with a 3.0
3.5 with a 2.5
3.0 with a 3.0
7.5 4.0 with a 3.5
4.0 with a 3.0
3.5 with a 3.5

5.0 with a 3.5
4.5 with a 4.0
4.5 with a 3.5


5.5 with a 4.0
5.0 with a 4.5
5.0 with a 4.0


A special thank you to our sponsors!

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