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NOTE:  Before Using TennisLink – Read the following important requirements:
a) You must have a valid USTA membership number or an individual TennisLink Team Tennis number (different from a team's team number) and have one of the two numbers ready to enter into the TennisLink registration system. 
b) You must have an approved credit card ready for payment of your registration fee (VISA, Mastercard, American Express). 
c) You must have secured your home tennis courts and made sure that your facility (home courts) is registered.  If USTA teams have not played out of the facility in the past, you must contact USTA Atlanta (770-416-4333) or email the facility name, complete address, phone number, county, number of courts and directions from I-285 to
If you have met the above requirements, you are ready to proceed with registration for yourself (captain) and your team.

Step One:  Go to TennisLink 
Step Two
:  If you are a captain or have been a captain in the past enter your USTA number in the “Captain/Coordinator” sign-in box and click “Go”. If you do not have a USTA number you must register as a captain by following the link at the bottom of the page that reads "Become a coach/manager". Complete the application and press submit.  Once you press submit a pop-up box will come up with your individual Team Tennis #. This is your ID number used to login to TennisLink.
Step Three:  If you are a Team Captain and want to register your team proceed to Step 4.  If you are a player and wish to register yourself, obtain your team number from your captain, then proceed to "Registering a Player."
Step Four:  All Captains must create a new team number each season.  This step creates a team number and registers the captain on that team.

  1. Login into TennisLink with your USTA # or Team Tennis ID #.
  2. Once you have logged into TennisLink select the blue “TEAM TENNIS” section at the top of the TennisLink homepage. This will take you to the "My Profile" page. Scroll down to make sure your name is in the "My Profile" tab. (Ex. Welcome John Smith)
  3. Once on "My Profile" page, scroll down to the red "My Options" tab and select the link "Create New Team"
  4. Select Section (USTA/Southern)
  5. Select District/Area (GEORGIA)
  6. Select Area (ATLANTA-JUNIORS)
  7. Select League for 2011: (ex: JTT SUMMER 2011)
  8. Enter Team Name using this format:  Home Courts - Captain’s First Name & Last Name, (ex: Hudlow-Charlie Smith)
  9. Select a home court facility:
    a) From Drop Down Box – Click on your facility’s name and proceed to Step i
    b) If not in Drop Down Box - Click “Other Facility” button. Call the USTA Atlanta Office (770-416-4333)
    c) Fill out all the info below making sure to press "Submit" or "Save" when done.
  10. Click “Create Team”.  
  11. Follow the instructions on the screen for payment.
  12. Write down your team number.  Print a copy of your confirmation.  You need this number to give to your players so that they can register on your team.
  13. If you did not receive a “Congratulations” screen with an invoice number then your team is not registered and the team number that you have is not valid.

Registering a Player:  Once you have a team number, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the USTA number of the player or players starting on line # 1.   Captains be aware!  The USTA number that was used to log into TennisLink will always appear on the first line of the registration screen.  Do not register yourself twice!
  2. Enter your new team number for the current season (ex:  Summer 2008).
  3. Check the information carefully. 
  4. Click “Submit”
  5. When the confirmation page is displayed, you are registered!

Checking your Team Roster

  1. Go to  and click on the TennisLink icon.
  2. If you are a captain, enter your USTA Membership number under the “Captains/Coordinators” section and click “Go”.
  3. Confirm or update your email address click submit. Only captains will see this page.
  4. Enter new Team Number and click “Go”.
  5. Select “Player Roster”
     Note:  In navigating in the team summary report, use the “Back” button on the screen.

Save yourself time – after checking the team roster, click “add to my teams”.  Now each time you visit TennisLink this team will appear on your “My Teams” portion of the site and you will not have to enter the team number to access information.  Captain’s note:  you will still have to enter your USTA number in the “Captains/Coordinators” Section to “log-in” to access captain’s information like your team’s player contact information or phone numbers of other captains.

Questions? Tennislink Registration Frequently Asked Questions
More Questions?  Contact a member of the Tennislink help team.  Members are volunteers, so please do not contact after 9:00 pm

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