TennisLink Frequently Asked Questions
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1. Why can’t I use my TennisLink team number from last season?
You must create a new team number even if your team played the previous season.  There is no add/delete function in TennisLink. 

2. How do I find my facility in TennisLink?
If your facility has ever had a USTA team then your facility is in the system.  With each new season, TennisLink begins a new “drop down” menu of facilities already chosen by registered teams in that league.  Ignore the “drop down” menu and click the “other facility” button.  The “facility locator” screen will open.  In the “special search” box select “Atlanta League Facilities.”  In the “Facility Name” box type the first 3 or 4 letters of your facility.  Do not fill in any other boxes.  Click on your facility once and it fills in the team creation page.

3. How do I add my new facility in TennisLink?
If your facility has never had a USTA team and it is located in Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, Gwinnett or the southern part of Forsyth county, then email the facility name, facility address including city and zip code, county, facility phone number, number of courts and directions from I-285 to  If you are unsure, please contact USTA Atlanta at 770-416-4333.  There is a 48 hour turnaround time in processing a new facility request.  Team registration cannot be completed until the facility is added to Tennislink.

4. How do I update my USTA membership profile?
To make any changes to membership information: names, addresses or phone numbers you must e-mail  Be sure to include your USTA number and your name.

5. How can I change my NTRP rating?
An NTRP computer rating is valid for five years (3 years for people age 60 and over) or until a new computer rating is generated.  A rating can be appealed by completing the appeal form located on  Ratings can be appealed to reduce or to increase a rating.  All ratings and appeals are handled by USTA Georgia.  The USTA Georgia phone number is 404-256-9543. 

For further information on ratings, please read the information provided under ratings at the USTA Atlanta website.

6. How do I find additional players for my team?
Please send an email with your league information, level, and location to A representative from USTA Atlanta will email you contact information of players in your area looking for teams.  There is usually a seven day turnaround time, so submit your team information early.

7. How do I find a team in my area?
a. Contact your local tennis facility.  Visit to search for tennis facilities by zip code.
b. Go to and submit the “Find a Team” form.  A representative from USTA Atlanta will work with you and try to help you find a team.
c. Contact a captain of an existing team that you wish to join.

8. How do I get a USTA membership?
Why haven’t I been getting my Tennis Magazine?
I’ve lost my card, how can I get a new one?
I already mailed in my membership, why isn’t it updated?

For all of these questions, contact the USTA Membership Services at 1-800-990-USTA (8782) from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday or by going to and click on the link for membership.

9. How do I find out my USTA membership number and why isn’t it accessible on TennisLink?
The USTA does not allow public access to USTA numbers.  Like any membership card you should keep your USTA membership card in a safe place.  If you cannot find your card, your captain from a previous season will have access to your USTA number from that roster.  The USTA Atlanta office can give you your membership number, but can not provide numbers for teammates.

10. I just got my USTA membership, can I register immediately for the league?
In most cases yes!  If you became a member online or spoke to a member services representative M-F, 9-5 p.m. EST then the number is available immediately for you to register.  If you spoke to a representative after normal business hours, your USTA number will not be available immediately.  If you are attempting to register online, an error message will appear if the number is not valid.  Please try registering again during normal business hours, then call USTA membership if problems persist.

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