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NOTE: These instructions are intended for players whose captain has already registered his/her team and who have been given a Team Number that is valid for the current season.   

If you are continuing with registration for players make sure to delete your own USTA number from the listing in the gray box beneath Step # 1.


  • ONLY PLAYERS who have a USTA membership number that is current through the end of the local league season  can register on-line. 
  • If you NEED TO RENEW, you MUST do that PRIOR to using TennisLink for league registration.  For maximum efficiency in renewing, you can renew on-line at  This will instantly update your membership status. 
  • You MUST HAVE THE TEAM NUMBER that was assigned to your team by TennisLink at the time your captain registered your team in order to register yourself or any other players on the team. 
  • You MUST have an approved credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express). 

If you have met all of the requirements above, you are ready for league registration! 

1. Go on-line to and click on the TennisLink logo under the "Juniors" tab.

2. Cick on "register for a team" under the League Players on the right hand side of the screen.

2. For EACH player you wish to register for your team, you MUST type in the TEAM NUMBER assigned to your captain when he/she initially registered your team - or click the autofill button and the team number will automatically after the first person has been entered

3. When you have completed registration in this manner, click on SUBMIT. 

4. If there are problems with USTA member status or rating for any player you are trying to register, the program will prompt you.   For maximum efficiency, it is recommended that you simply delete the player indicated as a problem off of the form and continue on with registration.  IF YOU LEAVE THE REGISTRATION AREA TO TRY AND RENEW A MEMBERSHIP YOU WILL LOSE ALL OF THE INFORMATION YOU HAVE TYPED IN THUS FAR!!!

5. After clicking on Submit (provided there are no problem players) you will get a screen that will show you the information for all players you have registered.  If the information is correct, pay for registration.

6. Enter your credit card information and click on Continue.  Be patient as your credit card is processed.

Checking theTeam Roster

  1. Go to  and click on the TennisLink icon.
  2. If you are a captain, enter your USTA Membership number under the “Captains/Coordinators” section and click “Go”.
  3. Confirm or update your email address click submit. Only captains will see this page.
  4. Enter new Team Number and click “Go”.
  5. Select “Player Roster”
     Note:  In navigating in the team summary report, use the “Back” button on the screen.

Save yourself time – after checking the team roster, click “add to my teams”.  Now each time you visit TennisLink this team will appear on your “My Teams” portion of the site and you will not have to enter the team number to access information.  Captain’s note:  you will still have to enter your USTA number in the “Captains/Coordinators” Section to “log-in” to access captain’s information like your team’s player contact information or phone numbers of other captains.

Questions? Tennis Link Registration Frequently Asked Questions.
More Questions? Contact a member of the Tennislink help team.  Members are volunteers, so please do not contact after 9:00 pm

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