JTT Captain's Corner


          Winter 2017 Dates - Matches will be played on Saturdays at 1:00 PM

        *NEW* Level Eligibility Requirements - Please read this before creating a team!

  Getting Started

        JTT Winter 2017 League Information 

        JTT Captain's Guide a NEW and helpful step-by-step guide for JTT captains
           Junior Self-Rate Guide 
        Steps for Background Screening  - *Mandatory for all captains BEFORE creating a team
        Register as a Captain/Create a Team/Register Players - A How-To Guide for TennisLink
        Become a Coach/Captain - A Direct Link to Become a Captain on TennisLink
           TennisLink - A Direct Link to Register Players
        TennisLink FAQ's - Common TennisLink Questions Answered

  Helpful Information When Leveling Your Team     

           *NEW* Level Eligibility Requirements - *Please read this document before creating a team!
           Check Your Rating - 12U-18U Intermediate and Advanced Levels
           Tournament Points Search - ALL Beginner Levels
           Tournament Standings Search - 10U Intermediate and Advanced Levels
           Junior Self-Rate Guide - Helpful to Use When Needing to Self-Rate
           Age Eligibility Chart

  Other Important Items

        Program Coordinators - Contact Info for League Coordinators
        JTT Code of Ethics 
        Grievance Form
        Player Benefits
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