Grab your favorite doubles partner and enjoy a day of fun, fast-paced play on

Thursday, August 16 at the Roswell Area Park Tennis Center!

Snacks, swag bags and t-shirts will be provided!


Each match will consist of a 6-game set, using no-ad scoring.  The first doubles team to reach 6 wins the match.   Ex) A score of 6-5 is a valid match score.  A team does not have to win by 2 games.  Ex) A score of 6-2 is also a valid match score.

2 matches are guaranteed. 


3.0: both players are USTA level 3.0

3.5: both players are USTA level 3.5

4.0: both players are USTA level 4.0

Players one level below the listed division may play up.  Ex) A 3.5 player can play up with a 4.0 partner at the 4.0 level 


Level questions? Contact



Early-bird registration: $23/player. Price per player increases to $29 on August 7.


(USTA membership not required)

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